Fall Registration closes July 15! 

Mariposa Soccer teaches players (ages 3-18) to play soccer, how to be a great teammate, enables players to compete, and is fun! Mariposa Soccer envisions building a sustainable program that is consistent, excels at communication, and is used to help foster a love of soccer in our community that benefits our youth and eventually supports players playing at a higher level. Mariposa Soccer offers recreational, competitive, and adult soccer, in addition to hosting a world class summer camp. 

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Meet the Board

Kass Bissmeyer, President

Reghina Crump, Vice President

Jenny Fouch, Treasurer

Jess Force, Secretary 

Michael Bilodeau, Registrar & Website 

Eric Bissmeyer, Equipment Coordinator

Andrew Glikin, Head Coach

Chuck Carter, Field Coordinator

Zach Harrison, member at large


Mariposa Soccer is dual affiliated with US Club Soccer & CalNorth and is committed to providing a high-quality youth soccer program for recreational to competitive levels. We also host an adult league program and a summer camp.