Coaching Resources

Mariposa Soccer has identified resources for Coaches & Referees to give you an idea of what could be covered throughout a season while highlighting activities that focus on development in a low-stress, fun-filled environment. The coaching resources below follow the US Soccer Play-Practice-Play style of training. In November 2023, Mariposa Soccer hosted a 9v9 & 11v11 In-Person Grassroots Coaching Course at Mariposa County High School. Our team is excited about investing in coach and referee education. 

Coaching Requirements & Licenses 

To coach for our recreation league , you must: 

To coach for our Club program, you must do the above, plus: 

Courses/Licenses through US Soccer Learning Center

*In-Person courses for the above can also be found on the Learning Center. 

Quick Reference Card Per Division

Referee Resources

Resources you might need as a Referee: 

Specific NorCal Resources (for Club play only):